Uncontested Divorce – Attorneys

Here is the general sequence of steps involved in an uncontested divorce:

  1. We will meet to discuss your divorce and divorce agreement. This meeting can be done in person, via telephone or we can communicate via email.
  2. If you desire to retain our service after the meeting, you carry-out your wishes by entering into a legal service agreement with our office.
  3. Our office will file a petition for divorce with the court asking the court to grant your divorce. This begins a sixty day waiting period for divorce in Texas.  We will only file a divorce case for you if we are hired under one of our No Fuss Divorce Attorney Representation Plan.
  4. We will mail a copy of your divorce petition along with a waiver of service to your spouse to sign. If your spouse does not sign the waiver, you will incur additional fees to secure service on him. If your spouse refuses to sign a waiver of service then he or she must be served. This will add an additional expense to your divorce.
  5. We will draft a divorce decree on the basis of your agreement.
  6. We will work together to ensure the proposed divorce decree aligns with the agreement.
  7. Once we have a proposed divorce decree and the sixty day waiting period has passed, we will go to court with you and attend a brief hearing called a “prove up” to present your divorce and to ask the judge to sign your divorce decree.
  8. Once the judge signs the decree, you are divorced.