Dallas Divorce Attorney – Family Law Lawyer

The idyllic picture of a happy marriage can quickly disappear into the throes of a painful breakup that brings with it collateral family damage. In order to make sure that your rights are protected during your divorce case, you’ll need a quality Dallas divorce lawyer. Choosing Burns & Iwuji as your divorce attorney in Dallas will ensure that you have a potent legal advocate on your side.

Uncontested Divorces

In the best circumstances, an uncontested divorce is possible and can be handled within a matter of months. One unique aspect of having Burns & Iwuji as your divorce attorney in Dallas is that the firm offers different plans that may only involve the drafting of documents or the combination of drafting and representation, all at a flat fee rate. Each plan can also add on other services that can handle specific aspects at a set rate.

Contested Divorces

However, when children and the custody arrangements surrounding them are involved, emotions can often reach a fever pitch. This means that in those cases, you’ll need experts in family law when you choose your Dallas divorce lawyer.

Contested divorces don’t always involve family law concerns like child support, yet can be just as contentious. Issues like property division, the disposition of accrued retirement accounts and status of an ongoing business are just some of the things that your divorce attorney in Dallas from Burns & Iwuji may end up addressing.

These issues can involve investigative work that seeks out information on assets that might be concealed or in preparation of legal depositions. In some cases, your Burns & Iwuji divorce attorney will serve as a negotiator on your behalf, which allows for peace of mind that your best interests will be represented in whatever final settlement is reached.

Offering Legal Protection

Having a Dallas divorce lawyer from Burns & Iwuji, especially one that offers expertise in family law matters, can help make a painful period easier. So make sure to get in touch with us today at 214-694-2057 and set up a free divorce consultation.