Contested Divorce Attorney: Family Law Lawyers

Contested divorce issues can include disputes about property/debt division, child custody, support, parenting, alimony/spousal support, division of retirement savings plans, active businesses, attorney fees, etc.

If you have contested matter and your spouse is represented by a lawyer, we strongly recommend that you retain the divorce attorneys at BURNS & IWUJI, PLLC to best represent you. You should not be unrepresented in a contested matter when the other side is represented by a lawyer.

Contested divorce matters require much greater fact-finding and much more legal research and planning plus an effective personal mixture of legal knowledge, experience, poise, character and determination from your lawyer. Contested matters inevitably are more expensive and may become extremely expensive, depending on what is involved in the case.  Contested matters can be negotiated or mediated into a settlement that can then be presented to the court for approval or in rare instances, disputes can be settled in court at trial.

Dallas divorce lawyers BURNS & IWUJI, PLLC are ready, willing and able to handle your contested matter and we will work with you on establishing the best realistic fee arrangement.