Modification of Child Support

Our attorneys are experienced in seeking modification of child support and custody orders in Texas courts. Final divorce decree or other family court order is not written on stone. Therefore, if life circumstances change it is possible to seek modification of child support obligation. Call our attorneys if you are seeking modification of child support.

Only the court can modify or change a child support or custody order. Generally, child support or custody orders can be modified if there is a material and substantial change in the circumstances of a child or a person affected by the order. Material and substantial change can include remarriage of the spouse receiving support, allegation of abuse, unemployment, illness and relocation. If you believe your case qualifies for modification, give our Custody & Child Support Attorneys at 214-694-2057 to review your case today.

Either parent may request a review of the order for child support every three years, or more frequently if there has been material and substantial change in circumstances.

If you desire a modification of child support or custody and need the assistance of an experienced child custody & support modification attorney, call 214-694-2057 today to speak with one of our compassionate attorneys.

Enforcement of Child Custody or Child Support

In addition to helping clients with child custody and child support modification, our Custody & Support Modification Attorneys help clients with the enforcement of an existing court order or obligations.

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