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Adoption – Texas

Our Dallas, Fort Worth Adoption/Termination Attorneys provide guidance to clients during the adoption process and through the final placement. Our Dallas, Fort Worth Adoption/Termination Attorneys are compassionate about our client’s needs.

Contested Divorce Attorney: Family Law Lawyers

Contested divorce issues can include disputes about property/debt division, child custody, support, parenting, alimony/spousal support, division of retirement savings plans, active businesses, attorney fees, etc. If you have contested matter and your spouse is represented by a lawyer, we strongly recommend that you retain the divorce attorneys at BURNS & IWUJI, PLLC to best represent...

Dallas Divorce Attorney – Family Law Lawyer

The idyllic picture of a happy marriage can quickly disappear into the throes of a painful breakup that brings with it collateral family damage. In order to make sure that your rights are protected during your divorce case, you’ll need a quality Dallas divorce lawyer. Choosing Burns & Iwuji as your divorce attorney in Dallas...

Dallas Child Custody & Visitation Attorney

Our Dallas Child Custody/Visitation Attorneys have experience in resolving child custody and visitation matters. We understand the sensitive nature of a custody battle and therefore use our experience to walk our clients through the process. We keep our client’s interest in mind and work together with the client to find the best possible solution. Our Dallas Child Custody/Visitation Attorneys also help our clients with requesting child custody and visitation modification from the court.

Dallas Child Support Attorney – Paternity Attorney

Child support is one of the most contentious issues in family law. This is why it is best to have a good and an experienced Dallas, Texas child support attorney on your side.

Dallas Divorce Attorney – Family Law Lawyer

Divorce is a very delicate matter and must be handled accordingly. Our Dallas Family Law and Divorce Attorneys have experiences handling Divorce Matters and can help you in your divorce needs whether your divorce is contested or uncontested.

Modification of Child Support

Our Dallas, Texas Custody & Support Modification Attorneys are experienced in seeking child custody & child support modification in Texas courts. Final divorce decree or other family court order is not written on stone. Therefore, if life circumstances change it is possible to seek modification of a divorce decree or agreement. Call our Dallas, Texas Custody & Support Modification Attorneys today to discuss these changes.

Uncontested Divorce – Attorneys

Here is the general sequence of steps involved in an uncontested divorce: We will meet to discuss your divorce and divorce agreement. This meeting can be done in person, via telephone or we can communicate via email. If you desire to retain our service after the meeting, you carry-out your wishes by entering into a legal...